In addition to our managed and professional services, Dunbar Cybersecurity provides technology solutions from firewalls to online application security to data protection/encryption and more. No matter your business’s needs, our solutions are safe, easy to implement, and provide trusted protection.

managed security services unified threat management

Unified Threat Management (UTM)
and Firewall

Dunbar Cybersecurity works with leading next generation network security appliance manufacturers to provide clients with firewalls and UTMs that provide full visibility into network traffic at their perimeters. The devices deliver enterprise-grade security via a suite of modules that allow for full control over network traffic, enabling clients to isolate and prevent attacks.

Complete protection through a suite of wireless, network, IPS, VPN, web and application firewall technology

Full visibility into network activity and risks

Identification and isolation of infected network systems

Cohesive policy management

information security technology endpoint protection

Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection

Dunbar Cybersecurity offers an integrated endpoint security solution that protects across all devices and software. A simple, intuitive user experience makes endpoint security effortless to deploy, manage and maintain. Protect your data on computers, shared folders, removable media and even the cloud. We offer ransomware protection, firewall, antivirus, patch assessment, web filtering, DLP, and full-disk encryption—all designed to work together seamlessly for better protection.

Manages Windows, Mac and mobile device security in a single, integrated console

Configures device policies and deploys them over-the-air

Enforces built-in security features such as passcodes and device encryption

Provides full loss and theft protection for lost or stolen devices

information security technology for online applications

Security for Online Applications

Dunbar Cybersecurity provides expertise to implement and manage Web Application Firewall and DDoS Protection solutions. We work with advanced technologies that capture live attack data from across the web to better understand the global threat landscape and continually improve security.

We utilize a cloud-based website security platform. Dunbar can both install and manage the platform on behalf of your IT department. Once activated, it routes all traffic to your website and web applications, intelligently profiling it in real-time to block even the latest web threats. Meanwhile, outgoing traffic is both accelerated and optimized by the platform's massive global content delivery network and caching techniques, ensuring optimal pass-through speed for welcome visitors.

information security technology data protection

Data Protection
and Encryption

Dunbar Cybersecurity delivers data protection solutions and a comprehensive encryption strategy to our clients across numerous industries. We start with a data inventory and classification process that identifies the sensitive data that is the most at risk. Our team builds a plan that will keep your data safe, preventing unwanted decryption even if your users move or copy files to other locations or devices. Our services include:

Full disk encryption

Cloud encryption

Removable media encryption

Network and file share encryption

Data inventory and classification

information security technology for mobile devices

Mobile Device

In an environment where people are constantly working away from their desk, Mobile Control provides an easy way to manage all your smartphones and tablets. Our mobility management solution handles devices from the initial setup and enrollment, right through to device decommissioning. And our fully web-based console allows administration from any location on any device.

Manages and controls iOS, Android (including Samsung SAFE), Windows Phone 8 and other device types

User-centric pricing, policy and reporting

Server protection that secures your IT infrastructure

Endpoint security policies are maintained even if the user is out of the office

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