Cyber Risk

Dunbar Cybersecurity Assessment Services follow industry best practices for gap analysis. Our certified professionals are here to help you understand where to focus attention and resources to qualify for cyber insurance policies, achieve industry-specific compliance certifications, or survive an audit. Dunbar provides in-depth security assessment services for organizations that are working to close gaps in their overall risk management programs.

Our Process

Review of policy and procedures

Employee Handbook

Information Technology Policy

Password Policy

Email, Social Media, and Internet Policy

Encryption Policy

Remote Access and Mobility Policy

Organizational analysis

Validation of policy enforcement

Physical assessment of security at corporate locations

Interviews with the key stakeholders

Interviews with third party vendors

Gathering of open-source intelligence available on the Internet

Technical analysis of systems and controls

Audit of previous vulnerability assessments

Web traffic analysis on the Client’s customer portal

Review of firewall, active directory, database, and sensor logs

Vulnerability scanning and validation

Penetration testing


Summary of findings and needs for improvement

Insight into emerging threat trends

Road map for implementation of processes and solutions for remediation, prioritized based on a combination of severity and ease of implementation

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